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Giving Voice to the Things We Think But Don’t Say Out Loud

Connecting Us Together

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Have you ever felt utterly and completely alone in your experiences? Feeling an overwhelming loneliness, like there isn’t another soul on earth who understands what you are thinking and going through?

I’ve been there (and am sometimes still there). However, I know that I’m not alone. In sharing some of my most personal thoughts and insights, I am finding that I am very much so in the company of many others. Friends…neighbors…the stranger in line behind me at the grocery store…we all hold onto thoughts and emotions that feel shameful, wrong, and sometimes socially unacceptable.

Sometimes when we hear another’s story, we begin to see we’re not alone…we’re not a freak. Through these writings…my story, my hope and wish is that you will feel connected to others. That although our life experiences may be different, we share in an emotional journey. The things you are most afraid to share and say out loud are the same things many of us are holding inside…and you are not alone.

May you find connection, courage, and comfort in my checkered story.